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Feb 29, 2016

Spencer Keeton Cunningham is a visual artist.  He travels around the world painting outdoor murals and selling work in galleries.  He smuggled skateboards into Cuba, and travels to paint in Alaska, Mexico, China, Japan, British Columbia, Canada, and all over the US. 

We met up in the top floor tower of the Westerfeld house off of Alamo Square in SF.  Its a place with a lot of history, including past residents, Anton LaVey, Kenneth Anger, and from where there have been many UFO sightings.

We chatted past sunset, not bothering to turn on any lights. We talked about dreams, traveling, music, technology, films, nature, and culture.

Thanks to Spencer.  You can see his most recent show at The Luggage Store gallery in San Francisco and online on his tumblr and facebook.

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